Trade Platform

Build an ultra-low latency trading platform

Trade Platform

Build an ultra-low latency trading platform


There are currently no trading platforms or systems that allows developers to test their own algorithms and trade on different brokers. DataSpartan decided to internally fund a project focussed on creating this platform focussed on optimal execution and back testing.


Speed was the top priority in developing this platform. Thus, C++ was chosen as the development language. The platform is being tested by an internal team and integrations are being done with various broker APIs to enable smooth and seamless trading from within the platform. Market tick-data is also being aggregated and stored for back testing purposes.



The trading platform has received external interest from other companies and has received numerous offers for funding in exchange for equity. DataSpartan intends to spin out the project once the relevant internal milestones are completed.



What makes us different?


Rapid Deployment

No dragging of feet, purely developed and deployed according to your schedule with noticeable performance improvements within weeks.


Analytics Layer

Custom UI, with cutting edge analytics layers built to sit on top either HadoopTM or SparkTM. Allowing users to make better queries and rapid decisions.


Proven Technology

Proven Technology using the cutting edge developments in Machine Learning, Algorithm Design and Data Analytics.


Data Intensive Systems

Back-end development for existing, new, legacy systems. Large scale integration and managing of resources

We Are Hiring!

We provide Visa Support for all of these job positions:

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Data Scientist
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  9. Machine Learning Specialist
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  15. Deep learning Specialist