Robust End-to-End Platform  

Built by experts, trusted by athletes. Hexis is a technology platform that puts you in command of your energy. Hexis provides you access to the latest advancements in performance science, enabling you to train smarter, push harder and recover faster.


The Hexis team needed a really robust end-to-end platform on the cloud with AI capabilities enabled.

Our Approach

The Hexis team built AI nutrition models based on their PhD research and required to upscale them for live commercial deployment in a beta-product. The requirement was to build a robust end-to-end platform on the cloud with AI capabilities enabled, whilst enabling an impeccable experience for thousands of users and delivering personalised content based on the users’ interactions. The challenge was to build scalability, delivering the best user experience, without compromising performance on the main app environments (iOS and Android). Additionally the beta-product required two different interfaces, one for the B2C clients (end users) and the other for the B2B clients. 

Our Results

DataSpartan, being experienced in building high performance platforms, worked with the hexis team to help build their beta-product in 3 months. By using an agile process and a well defined roadmap with specific goals, DataSpartan helped hexis deliver one of the most cutting edge products in the nutrition space.  Key highlights of the successful collaboration between the teams:

  • Idea to prototype, DataSpartan helped the Hexis team to convert their visionary product roadmap into reality by designing the system architecture, data workflows and business logic for the beta-product.
  • Implemented the beta-product platform (backend and frontend and mobile app (IOS and android).
  • Worked with the Hexis team to optimise the ML models to generate better personalised recommendations.
  • Hexis and Data Spartan deployed the app on cloud microservices and beta tested it with thousands of users successfully in record time.  
  • The deployment of the beta-product provided a wealth of information to the Hexis team, strengthening the product for the Q1 2022 launch.