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We want to create a space where talented people can work on the most challenging problems in the data science area.

We want to collaborate with the most cutting edge startups and the largest incumbents simultaneously and find commonalities in their problems. We want to provide the right people with the right challenges to help them grow and develop as researchers and practitioners.

Research is at the heart of our culture and we combine the best research methodologies with industry standard practices using the latest technologies and libraries to implement our solutions.

Our core team consists of experts in software engineering, deep learning and algorithmic trading.

      Visa Sponsorship


DataSpartan is a licensed Tier 2 and Tier 5 sponsor and can support these visas for exceptional candidates who want to continue doing work in the UK. Our team is multicultural and we have people from all over the world (See DataSpartan’s map).

Join our Internship programme


DataSpartan’s internship programme provides undergraduate and post-graduate students with an extraordinary opportunity to learn, engage, and create with internationally recognised leaders in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and wider technology fields.

As a DataSpartan intern, you will have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience as you work with team leaders and clients to develop a Proof of Concept and deliver innovative real-world technology solutions for major industry players.

At DataSpartan, we have earned the respect of our clients by making today’s impossible challenge tomorrow’s solution. We are equally passionate about encouraging and supporting exceptional minds as they begin their journey into successful of technology and business ventures. That is why we are proud to deliver our full-spectrum internship experience.

Overview & Benefits

  • 12-week minimum internship
  • Be mentored by a DataSpartan leader
  • Become part of an inspiring cohort of tech and business innovators
  • Gain access to leaders in the spheres of tech, business and innovation
  • Acquire vital new skills and tools through high-level, real-world experience
  • Expand knowledge and exposure to future trends in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Quantitative Research, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Risk Modelling.
  • Learn by doing as part of DataSpartan’s R&D team
  • Have access to state-of-the-art systems, methodologies, and technologies

How to Apply

Register your interest by emailing your CV to

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