About Us

Impossible problems are tomorrow’s breakthroughs

Who is a DataSpartan?

The quality and capability of our people ensures we deliver every time we are engaged.

In an increasingly competitive global talent market, our experts are a rare breed of unicorns. Every member of the team is educated to Masters, PhD, or above. Each is a world-leading specialist in their own chosen area of research or technology.

Every Data Spartan is exposed to a wide variety of clients, projects, tools and solutions. They are motivated by the difficulty of the challenge and the desire to be at the spear-point of an exploding industry of software, science and new knowledge.

Not anyone can become a Data Spartan. Only the best talent demonstrating the capacity for generating new ideas and unique problem-solving approaches and mindset join our team.

We source our talent from the world’s leading research and academic institutions, such as UCL, Imperial, Tsinghau, and Edinburgh, and only when globally recognised and published in their academic field with a proven track-record in innovation.
Every Data Spartan is treated equally, has direct input into the business and is supported with the opportunity to work, study, create new products or enterprises within our ecosystem.

Because of this we have a long waiting list of candidates wishing to join and prove they have what it takes to become an innovation artisan.

How We Work

DataSpartan’s capabilities are not defined by the technology stacks we use, but by our people’s imagination to utilise them to solve impossible problems.

Our team are world-leading experts in the areas of Big Data, Quantitative Research, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Risk Modelling.

We are truly agnostic on the tools we utilise to achieve results. As experts in our craft, we simply pick the best systems for the job in hand, or adapt to the tools our clients present us with. Every member of the team is fluent in multiple software languages and methodologies with experts available on hand for any major data, architecture and ML and AI systems.

And, if we ever can’t find a tool fit for the job… we simply create one.

Meet Our Senior Team

Dr Leslie Kanthan

Dr Leslie Kanthan

CEO and Co-Founder

PhD in Machine Learning from University College London

​Leslie has deep expertise in quantitative research, graph theory and efficient similarity search techniques. His previous work in locality sensitive hashing now powers Uber in obtaining similar trips. Before founding TurinTech, Leslie has extensive experience at Bank of America, Commerzbank and Credit Suisse in Quantitative Research.

Dr David Martinez

Dr David Martinez

CSO and Co-Founder

PhD in Computer Science and AI from University College London

With a PhD in Computer Science and AI and with over a decade of experience within the financial services sector, David is a co-founder of DataSpartan and a key lead within machine learning modelling, big-data ingestion and practical usage and application of AI systems.

“I am convinced that technology and automation will keep bringing solutions to the most challenging problems in society. Being part of the change is what keeps me and the Spartans moving.”

Carlos Perez Freire

Carlos Perez Freire

Software Architect and Back-end Developer

Masters in Research from Universidade de Vigo 

With Masters qualifications in Computer Engineering and Telematics, Carlos has a decade of experience in building large corporate architecture environments. With a wealth of  programming languages, big data, AI frameworks and methodologies under his belt Carlos is one of DataSpartan’s senior developers and project managers. 

Dr Victor Roris

Dr Victor Roris

Research Engineer and NLP Specialist


With his ‘cum laude’ academic background and PhD in Telematics Engineering, Victor had 13 years experience within commercial R&D environments before bringing his specialist programming and NLP skills to DataSpartan.

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