We Are DataSpartan

DataSpartan is a group of recognised global experts in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data Flow, Quantitative Research, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Risk Modelling.

We work with the world’s leading talent, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, academics, researchers and technology providers. Our advanced knowledge and extensive experience equips us to confront and solve impossible problems without the necessity of large teams or stratospheric budgets.

We work at large scale, at high speed and at low cost. We research, design, build, implement and validate big data architecture, ML, AI and future technologies to empower any organisation to realise their potential faster and more affordably than would be possible with their in-house capabilities alone.

How We Help


Years of expertise and numerous successful business transformations allow our experts to advise on the best approaches, technology and implementation plans to define and underpin your vision.


Our researchers provide an on-demand ability to provide you with access to the best and brightest thinking and new break-throughs from our academic network across the globe.


Our cross-disciplinary experts deliver prototype projects rapidly without generating disruption to BAU on already overstretched internal teams. The flexibility to deliver extremely complex projects or products across any industry allows corporate or start-up leaders to clearly demonstrate demand, impact and ROI around their vision.



Our experts act as a talent-multiplier bringing many disciplines to bear at once, speeding up delivery, making complex workflows simple and installing new platforms and data-flows whilst ensuring the impact is game-changing and long-lasting for your business.


Our experts rigorously investigate, re-engineer, test and validate your code, architecture, data-flows, methodology, software and technology stack to highlight issues or improvements and underwrite success.


Our experts specialise in deploying into seemingly impossible situations and rapidly unblock and complete projects that were deemed irretrievable or over-budget.

Why Clients Work with US

Leslie Kanthan


We provide access to leading human talent and innovative global institutions

Leslie Kanthan


Our experts are on-call and adaptable as projects and requirements evolve

Leslie Kanthan


Our talent pool’s experience exponentially increases productivity

Leslie Kanthan


We build solutions faster and at a fraction of the cost of other vendors

Leslie Kanthan


We are future-focused and create
next-generation solutions

Leslie Kanthan


We solve your biggest challenges
on time and on budget

We Work With


We deliver project, or ongoing support, for global corporate technologists and business leaders. We speed up the development and delivery of big-data, data-science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects.


We are engaged by the leading founders, tech investors and VC funds to rapidly deliver new prototypes and Artificial Intelligence tools and products.

R & D Teams

We augment existing Research and Development teams and Blackbox research projects. Our global-leading experts in cutting-edge technologies provide new ideas and approaches.

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