DataSpartan provides Bespoke Consultancy, Research and Development on Quantitative Big Data Technologies

DataSpartan provides Bespoke Consultancy,
Research and Development
on Quantitative Big Data Technologies

DataSpartan provides Bespoke Consultancy, Research
and Development on Quantitative Big Data Technologies


Careers Available

At DataSpartan we believe that technology is really important, but still things are made by people. Talent and attitude are the two key drivers that define a true Spartan. Our teams are made up of individuals with many different degrees of experience in challenging areas such as systems integration or applied math. That is the only way we can ensure both excellence and efectiveness on an ever changing technological landscape. If you have the right talent for technology, we will find a niche for it.

AI developer
Integrate state of the art AI systems and develop custom solutions. Be the one to bring intelligence to business processes.
Data Analyst
Learn about the design of ETL processes and architectures. Understand the value of each piece of data and direct it to the right place.
Data Scientist
Dive into the art of making data talk and control strategic business processes.
Cloud Engineer
Design and implement the complex cloud architecture components that underpin our projects, which we provide globally to an enviable portfolio of blue-chip clients.
Data Engineer
Put together the foundations of the Data Science process. Data never comes in the right shape.
UX Architect
Help to transform organizations. You will use leadership and experience to develop the next generation of systems on the hands of the public.
Big Data Architect
Be part of the next generation of data architectures. Make systems scale with virtually no limits.
Senior Creative
Be the one who thinks out of the box. Accompany our clients through the journey of transforming and adapting to a challenging marketplace.


What makes us different?


No dragging of feet

We rotate and train our staff so they can get up to speed and deploy solutions according to your schedule with noticeable improvements.


Custom UX

Integrate cutting edge UX layers built to sit on top of your infrastructure. Allow your users to make better and rapid decisions.


There are no hammers

We continuously evaluate the cutting edge developments in Machine Learning, Algorithm Design and Data Processing. We get you the right tool for the right task.


Time is money

Today's market moves fast and so should your systems. Optimize your back-end development and operations for new and legacy systems.


Our Team

Expertise in the areas of Big Data, Quantitative Research, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Risk Modelling

Leslie Kanthan

Algorithm Researcher

“With all my years of experience working in finance I decided to found DataSpartan and I’m more than proud to be part of the future of the Fin-Tech Industries.”

David Martinez

Computer Scientist

“I am convinced that technology and automation will keep bringing solutions to the most challenging problems in society. Being part of the change is what keeps me and the Spartans moving.”

Roxana Dragomir

Business Development

“I could never have thought of a better decision than joining DataSpartan and been part of the Fin-Tech Consultancy that is making a change in the finance sector.”

Our Network

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