Data Spartan specialises in consulting within the financial industry and has particular expertise in the areas of Big Data, Quantitative Research, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Risk Modelling. 

Our market advantage is the incorporation of recognised academic research with cost-effective and highly productive human capital to produce the results our clients require. We leverage our academic networks and relationships with UCL and Imperial as well as our extensive internal database to source the best talent within our industry.


We want to create a space where talented people can work on the most

challenging problems in the data science arena. We want to collaborate with the most

cutting edge startups and the largest incumbents simultaneously and find commonalities

in their problems. We want to provide the right people with the right challenges to help

them grow and develop as researchers and practitioners.


Research is at the heart of our culture and we combine the best research

methodologies with industry standard practices using the latest technologies and

libraries to implement our solutions. Our core team consists of experts in

software engineering, deep learning and algorithmic trading.


Data Spartan is a licensed Tier 2 and Tier 5 sponsor and can support these visas

for exceptional candidates who want to continue doing work in the UK. Our team is

multicultural and we have people from China, the Philippines, Venezuela as well as



DataSpartan offers a 12 week programme (between June and August) that
provides industrial partners with an opportunity to complete a proof of concept
project and allows Master’s students the opportunity to write their thesis on a
relevant use case of the material they have been learning in partnership with industry.